Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More FACT than FICTION - Global Warming.

Welcome to More Fact than Fiction by K.E.Perrott author of 'Infinity 48'

Global Warming - Fact or Fiction?
It's a hot topic at the moment in Australian Politics. I had a spirited conversation this morning about the carbon market. I'm interested to know what you think about climate change and the carbon tax.

I take the big picture view of us and our planet; which means taking all the scientific data we've collected looking back over billions of years, today and recent times, and billions of years into the future. As to climate change the evidence tells me that what we are experiencing presently is cyclical natural phenomena. But it matters not what any of us think when we look at the big picture. Our planet will go through major climate changes, it always has and it always will, but it doesn't happen over night. It happens over large periods of time. We're smart, we'll adapt and learn as we go. What we learn will prepare us for the future when we leave our planet and venture out into our universe.

Earth will undoubtedly go through ice ages and sweltering extremes in the future, but failing the earth being knocked of it's axis or obliterated by a comet, the worst that our planet can throw at us will be nothing compared to what's in store for us in our universe; and make no mistake we will have to leave our planet eventually. Luckily for us we do have a bit of time to get our act together, a billion years or so. According to our best science our sun will implode in a billion years or more and take out the earth and our solar system.

I think universe, not just planet earth when I'm considering the future. I understand that we also need to think immediate, but we can do two things at once. It's actually more efficient and practical to do so. It's a pity at the present world governments don't!

Today's global warming theory assumes man is the culprit. The same thinking then applies a global carbon emissions trading scheme will solve the problem. It solves some people's problem, it makes them very wealthy but it does nothing about emissions. They're still emitted.

It seems to me to be a fabulous magic trick. First out of thin air convince enough people that global warming is man made and an imminent danger! then guilt us into paying for emissions. It's lucrative for some but an expensive exercise in futility for most. We'd be better putting money directly into new energy technologies.

Truth be known, I'm less concerned about how we motivate business and individuals into new energy technology, as I am about getting us there. Perhaps scaring people with climate change is one way, and so long as the money from any mechanism of that scheme went into research and development of new powerful, renewable energies: the end would justify the means.

That brings me to the upcoming meeting in December in Copenhagen, where parties to the Kyoto Protocol will discuss amendments to the Climate Change Scheme. Let's use that opportunity to make a major reform in how we work together, even if it's for only this one thing - New Energy Technology.

By that I mean let's have every country in the world represented, and working together as one, for the betterment of all humans equally - energy wise at least.

Bring the worlds best scientists, technology people and thinkers together, and give them everything they'll need to bring us out of the energy dark ages!

A 'Global New Energies Technologies Programme' (GNETP) with a long term brief of at least 100 - 500 years could replace the Carbon Emissions Trading mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol it could also amalgamate the Clean Development mechanism of the Protocol.

If every cent raised from a reworked carbon tax went to the GNETP, I for one wouldn't mind paying the extra costs that we all incur now under the existing scheme and likely will be even more in the future; if it was going to real progress. Progress for me means saving human lives, and making lives healthier, safer and happy - and new safe renewable inexpensive energy would do that.

The future I write about in 'Infinity 48' could be closer than you think, if we humans could just get on the same page.
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Bye for now, and good thinking.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

More FACT than FICTION - No Pain!

Welcome to More FACT than FICTION, by K.E.Perrott author of 'Infinity48'.

I am a humanist and a dog lover. My best friend is a dog. So when I saw this story, which is good news for both humans and dogs, it made me happy, I hope it will give you something to smile about as well.

Once again Australians are proving their worth as medical and scientific world leaders. Using stem cell treatment a vet cured arthritis in a dog - an elderly three legged dog no less. Equal success to the delight of an Australian man was achieved using a similar stem cell procedure on his knee - how cool is that.

I saw this good news story on channel ten news Australia. It gives hope to the millions who experience the pain and debilitation of arthritis. One can imagine how many other debilitating and painful conditions stem cell treatments will eliminate - and soon.

Please see the ten news video link posted below on the 24 July 2009.

In my novel 'Infinity 48' I wrote about the future humans could expect, and PAIN FREE is a major part of that excellent future LIFE!
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Bye for now, and good thinking.

Friday, July 24, 2009

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TEN Video Player: Watch Full Episodes and Exclusive Video Interviews

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More FACT than FICTION - One Small Step!

Welcome to More FACT than FICTION, by K.E.Perrott author of 'Infinity 48'

The 40th anniversary celebration of man's first landing and walking on the moon this 21st July 2009 was both a joy to recall for the wondrous possibilities and a disappointment - because in that 40 years we haven't gone back to the moon nor have we gone further.

The future for humanity; as I make perfectly clear in my novel 'Infinity 48', is as universal explorers, not as an earth-bound species - for we will surely perish.

There are not many things that bring tears to my eyes. The moon landing is one that does. There is nothing I can do to stop the salty fluid from streaming down my face when I first think about man walking on the moon. It's the hope about a better future for humanity that sparks my memories and starts the flood of joy. It's not long though before that initial feeling of joyous possibility is snatched by today's disappointment, and my tears are turned.

That aside, I enjoyed as I'm sure you did, the anniversary programmes - watching the moon landing over and over. The interviews with some of the astronauts from the moon walks and with many other astronauts, including some of those in active service today.

It was exciting and informative listening to some of the astronauts who fly to and from the space station today. The work they do while they are on the space station and the experiments and research carried out by those who live on the space station is invaluable. It surprises me when some voters and tax payers voice their objection to money being spent on space exploration. How selfish and uninformed these people are. Selfish because they aren't thinking about their children, children's children and on into the future - they're thinking only about themselves and their immediate needs. And uninformed, because the stats show a minute amount of most countries budgets are directed to space exploration.

What has been spent, especially that for the space station has more than returned itself. The medical, scientific and technological advancements achieved, because of investment $dollars in space exploration - like the space station, shuttle programme, Hubble, and all the other fact finding craft, satellites and the list could go on... have more than paid their own way - but much more is needed and unless we put something in we can't get anything back!

Society today in the main, it seems to me, is bogged down in everything unimportant and obsessed with it. If they aren't celebrity worshipping, then they are following some callous so called reality programme. I don't get it! Why watch other people being abused, and waiting for people to fall on their faces and make fools of themselves, or worse... It's awful!

If we put the same money and energy into... The world's astronauts, scientists, researches, and thinkers, and the young new thinkers in our classrooms today, to the men and woman who are knee deep in projects as we speak, it's these people we should be supporting and following and twittering about. These people need and deserve our help and accolades, lets cheer THEM on.

Bye for now, and good thinking.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

More FACT than FICTION - Brain Chip

Welcome to More FACT than FICTION, by K.E.Perrott author of 'Infinity 48'.

As always, this past week was full of exceptional news about progress in research and development on a number of fronts in science and technology. (Thank the universe for our scientists, thinkers and researchers.)

Two reports in particular I'd like to mention, for all you time-poor hard working people; to help you keep up to date.

Pittsburgh University and Brown University are both working with similar devices; a brain chip which interprets thought. In the case of the experiment at Pittsburgh University in the U.S. it enabled a monkey to move a robotic arm by thought. The hopes are that one day, soon, this device will help to move arms, legs, hands and the fingers of stroke patients, spinal chord injured, or nervous system diseased patients and have them up and walking around, grasping objects precisely and thus functioning normally.

Brown University in New England, are testing a similar device that allows a patient to move a cursor by thinking about moving their paralysed hand. Brilliant!

I wrote about exactly these types of experiments and expanded on them in my novel 'Infinity 48'. You might like to read some of the pages of 'Infinity 48' at

The other cool happening last week was the space shuttle Endeavour blasting off safely, ferrying seven astronauts to the space station. They'll be away for sixteen days and while they are 220 miles above the earth they will deliver and help install an external experiments platform, the last piece of Japan's research laboratory.

This Sky news report reminded us that the space station was a multi nation project of some sixteen nations and over many years.

As we know, this week is the 40th anniversary of man landing and walking on the moon. Thinking about that massive success and the success of the space station together, shows us, proves to us that we humans are capable of great achievements when we work together. It's what I write about, it's what I believe is the only way forward for humans - to work together as one humanity or we'll go extinct just like the dinosaurs.

Please enjoy reading 'Infinity 48' by K.E.Perrott.

Checkout the following websites - check-it-outers.
You could visit the universities and look around online, checkout their research facilities.

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Please also see the sky new story about the Brain Chip posted below.

Until next time, good thinking!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Monkey Fitted With Hi-Tech Chip Moves Robot Using Mind Control, Thomas Moore Reports | UK News | Sky News


A monkey fitted with a hi-tech brain chip has learned to move a complex robotic arm using mind control.


The chip implant allows the monkey to manipulate the arm by thought

The animal can operate the robot with such dexterity that it can reach out to grab, and turn a handle.

The mechanical arm has an arm, elbow, wrist and simple hand, which the monkey controls with the power of thought.
Sky News was given exclusive access to the laboratory at Pittsburgh University in the United States.

The research is progressing so rapidly that scientists hope to start trials on paralysed patients within a year.

Neurobiologist Dr Andy Schwartz said: "What we're trying to do is go to a very dextrous hand - where the functionality is very similar to the human hand. If we could help stroke patients there would be a huge market for this kind of device."

Brain Chips

They also hope to help patients who have been paralysed by spinal chord injuries or degenerative diseases of the nervous system.

Electrodes implanted in the monkey's motor cortex, the brain's movement control centre, pick up pulses within individual neurones.

The signals are relayed to a computer which analyses their pattern and strength to gauge what the monkey is trying to do. It then translates the signals to alter the speed and direction of the robotic arm.

The system is so quick that if the arm overshoots the monkey's intended target, it can rapidly correct the movement.

Dr Schwartz told Sky News: "It's pretty amazing because monkeys aren't used to moving tools.

180 Rhesus macaque monkey

Monkeys known for their intelligence

"We use them all the time. Imagine you're moving your arm to get that piece of food. Conveying that to a monkey is pretty difficult, yet the monkey learns it fairly rapidly.

"As the days go by, you see the monkeys start using it as if it is part of their own body."

The monkey cannot feel the electrodes in its brain, and did not appear to be distressed by the wires leading from a socket on its head.

At Brown University in New England, scientists have just started the first clinical trials of a similar device. Braingate allows tetraplegic patients to control a computer cursor by thinking about moving their paralysed hand.

Matthew Nagel took part in the first tests of a prototype. Before he died of an unrelated infection, he described how the Braingate device gave him back some freedom.

"I can't put it into words. I just use my brain. I said: 'cursor go up to the top right' and it did. And now I can control it all over the screen. It's wild," he said.

The new trial will be on 15 patients. Scientists hope to prove that the technology is safe and effective enough to use on a wider scale.

Head of the research, Professor John Donoghue, said the ultimate aim is for patients to regain control of their own limbs, which are more sophisticated than any robotic arm.

He told Sky News: "Our goal with Braingate is to have a physical replacement for a broken biological nervous system.

"So we'd like to have a physical system that senses what's going on in the brain, takes those signals inside your body and routes them off to the muscles, so when you think, you move.

"That's just what you or I do, so one day you could be sitting here with a person and you wouldn't know if they had the system or not.

Monday, July 13, 2009

NO ILLNESS!NO AGEING!NO BILLS! And we wouldn't have to die to live in this Utopia.

Welcome to More Fact than Fiction! Here I hope you will find yourself thinking outside the box, questioning everything, and comfortable with that.

Let's get right to the topic of discussion. Today at the beginning of the 21st Century we humans are still making all the same mistakes as our ancestors. You'd think we'd have learnt by now - how to create and sustain a better world for ALL people.

Obviously what we've done since the beginning of civilization hasn't been a great success. Unless our goal was to procreate and fill up the planet; sure we're well on the way. If we wanted those billions of people, in the main, to live a hard life, full of pain, both physical and emotional; suffer disease and poverty; sure we've managed that! But I hardly think that's satisfactory - we need to totally rethink everything.

Here's a question for you.

Would you give up your religion, racism and politics to have a perfect world? Where one equal humanity presides. Where that equal humanity would see us evolve to enjoy a body that would stop the ageing process at age 20, and maintain that forever. Where we'd become smarter by the nano-second. Where we would never get sick or feel physical pain.

Not enough?

What if that one equal humanity was freed from physical work and needed only to think and play - liberated by a nano-technologically and quantum computerized robotic work-force, not requiring human labour to produce our day-to-day needs - leaving us to do science, to explore our universe and to live and love. And most importantly where harming or murdering a fellow human would not even cross the mind of a human.

That is the world I dream of. In my minds-eye I've pictured that beautiful world, where there is no war, no starvation, and no crime. Where we all get along and work together to progress our species. It's that which moved me to write my first novel - 'Infinity 48' - it holds all the secretes and new thinking that could give us such a world.

Utopia can be defined as; a dreamland, bliss, or a paradise; to mention a few. I found that people scoff at the possibility of a Utopia for humans. That's sad.

It's time to lift our expectations, visualise the possibilities and put a progressive plan into action. It will be up to us to make a start! Politicians only think along party lines - a year or two ahead of their next election. Countries, Religions, and Races only think about what's best for their group first; as has been the way of our ancestors and primitives before them - and that is the problem. If we humans were to think about humans as one single united group - as the only grouping that matters; we will have a chance at Utopia.

For me 'a human is a human is a human' That's it! I absolutely believe that if we are to progress and evolve into the remarkable humans I know we can be, the first steps are for us all to be on the same page. If we all believe in each other, and as ONE, we'll need nothing else.

Some of the solutions and some of the medical and scientific breakthroughs I envisage and write about in 'Infinity 48' happening, seem only possible way in the future and no help to us today. I say that what we discover and how soon we discover it will depend largely on how soon we all come together as humans first and only.

Consider if you will, a perfect world in your minds-eye and work back from there - it's not nearly as scary or seemingly impossible that way. You might also be surprised at how many solutions you'll come up with.

Let me leave you with that for today. I look forward to reading your comments.

Bye for now, and good think.
This is K.E.Perrott at More Fact Than Fiction! signing of till next time.
NO ILLNESS! NO AGEING! NO BILLS! The future could be amazing. But will it?
'INFINITY 48' by K.E.Perrott.