Monday, August 31, 2009

'Infinity 48' by K.E.Perrott. Explosive new thinking!

Welcome to More FACT than FICTION by K.E.Perrott author of 'Infinity 48'. Here I hope you will find yourself thinking outside the box, and be exhilarated and comfortable with that.
The topic of discussion I pursued with the variety of great people I spoke to today, was about the necessity of changing our social system completely.
By that I mean from the bottom up. Dramatic change - starting with the family as we know it.
My research, observations and my own life experiences have led me to believe that because we humans remain stuck in an ancient social structure; unless we change and restructure soon, we will go extinct. That would be a terrible waste in my opinion - we have such great potential.
We came down from the trees, sure enough. We became more organised as our brains became larger and our intelligence grew. But unfortunately we persist in socialising like animals. Our ancestors never got past thinking in terms of predators and prey and operating in packs.
We are more sophisticated than our ancestors yes, but in terms of social behaviour we are still basically no different to the first Homo sapiens.
We have tried so hard to create a better world, but what we've done since the beginning of cognitive, creative human interaction by staying with the animal hierarchical family pack model, is run on the spot - we're getting nowhere fast.
Fortunately, our intelligence has given us technology, medicine and science, but that can't save us from ourselves if we insist on continuing as our ancestors did and keep the pack or as we call it - family, at the core of our social system.
We have gotten ourselves into a big mess because of our belief that family as we practice it is the only social structure possible. 'Do gooders' over thousands of years have tried everything to make that family system work; from introducing laws and inventing new rituals and religions too different political structures, but to no avail. People are still divided and killing each other. There is something very wrong with that!
There is only one way we will survive as a species and not only to survive but to actually enjoy life and enjoy being a human and truly advance, and that is to stop what we have been doing and totally restructure. That means; no families as we know them, no religions, no races, no countries, no hierarchy...
Think about that for a moment.
Now that calm and peace you feel is real. Imagine if the 6.5 billion other people on our planet, all understood that and felt that peace; if we were all on the same page - what a brains trust that would be! What we could do as one, we haven't even imagined yet.

If you'd like to offer your thoughts, please do. Or if you have a question, please ask it.

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Bye for now, and good thinking.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

‘Infinity 48’ by K.E.Perrott. Fiction that’s fact in the making.

Welcome to More FACT than FICTION by K.E.Perrott author of ‘Infinity 48’. Let’s think outside the box!

I don’t know what it was about this week, but the number of negative, pessimistic people or at least the tone of the conversations I had with some people had a decidedly defeatist feel about the subjects I raised.

I always promote discussions about how bright the future for humanity will be; at every opportunity and with as many different people as I can.

This week I came across more than my fair share of people who couldn’t see the glass half full. You know the types. Not only do they see the glass half empty, they think that’s all we deserve. They say things like; ‘Be careful what you wish for.’

It’s precisely that uninspired thinking that urged me to write my novel. This is what I wrote on the news page of my website and on my Face Book page when I launched ‘Infinity 48’.

“I wrote ‘Infinity 48’ after observing over the years, the resigned sadness and overwhelming pessimism by the majority of people which surmised that humanity would always be plagued with violence and corruption, death, disease and unfair political systems. And further insisting that they could only see a large number of earth’s population would always succumb to devastating, disgusting and dire conditions. Certainly, as the story scenario of ‘Infinity 48’ demonstrates, there are major hurdles for humanity to overcome. But are they insurmountable? I don’t think so.

It is almost impossible to find positive hopeful theories about future humans… books, movies and discussions mostly see future humans in gruff difficult circumstances as we go forward. Not only do they see us still fighting and killing each other but taking that aggression out into our universe. They see advancements in technology as we go forward and as it takes us out into space but they don’t see humans changing as we move forward or acting any different. It seems people can’t imagine us growing out of our barbaric prehistoric skins; but I can!

‘Infinity 48’ is an adventure unlike any other. It’s about ideas, possibilities and the consequences of those. I hope it moves people to think outside the box. It explores all the old questions about humanity, its being, about its direction and addresses a myriad of new questions. It illuminates the huge potential and great possibilities for the future and for a humane humanity; freed from murder, illness and labour.

I hope you enjoy reading ‘Infinity 48’ and recommend it to others.”

Let’s all try to think ‘humans’ not country of origin, political views, race or a person’s religion. Let’s believe in each other; in humanity. I know it’s hard when we look around us – the news, TV, heck next door sometimes and in our own suburbs… things aren’t great! But it’s not humanities fault as a whole that’s letting us down; because we’re not operating as one whole. The system – the world as it is, is set up to fail us at every turn. We need to make many changes and I have faith in humans, we can do it! Let’s get on with it…

Let me know what you think.

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Bye for now, and good thinking.

Monday, August 17, 2009

‘INFINITY 48’ by K.E.Perrott An Australian Author.

Welcome to More FACT than FICTION.

This past week I had a break from my usual busy schedule. It’s important to get away from time to time, even if you don’t actually go anywhere. So long as you can put the routine of work and daily life to the side and give yourself a chance to rest and relax, it’s as good as a get away.

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my new writing studio. It’s in a beautiful, peaceful place. I hope to hone my skills as a writer and create some great novels there. As a new writer I have a lot to learn, I am the first to admit that my ‘Newbe Naive Style’ although I’d thought it to be refreshingly different; will need polishing; a Shakespeare, Hemmingway or H.G.Wells I am not yet! But I’m working on it.

I’ve also had a chance to catch up on my reading. I like to keep up to date on what the Australian Government is doing to support, research scientists, universities and business; specifically for Nanotechnology and Biotechnology. The Australian Government knows the value of such technologies, and has always (thank the universe) got one strategy or another in place to deliver that support and encouragement.

As at the 13 May 2009 the Australian Government has put a new four year National Enabling Technologies Strategy (NETS) in place. As they put it: ‘To provide a framework for the responsible development of enabling technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and other new technologies as they emerge in Australia. (I will put the links to the Australian Government, Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. at the end of the page, you may like to visit – it’s worth a look.

To give you a glimpse of how important Nano and Bio Technologies are for humanity, I’ve included this article by the BBC. It’s just one of the myriad of incredible applications these technologies hold for human health. It’s exciting! This article shows how brilliantly both of these technologies can work together.


Nano-treatment to torpedo cancer

Nanotechnology has been used for the first time to destroy cancer cells with a highly targeted package of "tumour busting" genes.

The technique, which leaves healthy cells unaffected, could potentially offer hope to people with hard-to-treat cancers where surgery is not possible.

Although it has only been tested in mice so far, the researchers hope for human trials in two years.

The UK study is published online by the journal Cancer Research.

We hope this therapy will be used to treat cancer patients in clinical trials in a couple of years
Dr Andreas Schatzlein
School of Pharmacy, London

The genes were wrapped up in microscopic nano-particles which were taken up by cancer cells, but not their healthy neighbours.

Once inside, the genes stimulated production of a protein which destroys the cancer.

The researchers say the technology could potentially be particularly relevant for people with cancers that are inoperable because they are close to vital organs.

They hope it will eventually also be used to treat cancer that has spread.

'Exciting step'

Lead researcher Dr Andreas Schatzlein, from the School of Pharmacy in London, said: "Gene therapy has a great potential to create safe and effective cancer treatments but getting the genes into cancer cells remains one of the big challenges in this area.

"This is the first time that nanoparticles have been shown to target tumours in such a selective way, and this is an exciting step forward in the field.

"Once inside the cell, the gene enclosed in the particle recognises the cancerous environment and switches on. The result is toxic, but only to the offending cells, leaving healthy tissue unaffected.

"We hope this therapy will be used to treat cancer patients in clinical trials in a couple of years."

Traditional chemotherapy indiscriminately kills cells in the affected area of the body, which can cause side effects like fatigue, hair loss or nausea.

It is hoped that gene therapy will have fewer associated side effects by targeting cancer cells.

Dr Lesley Walker, of the charity Cancer Research UK, said: "These results are encouraging, and we look forward to seeing if this method can be used to treat cancer in people.

"Gene therapy is an exciting area of research, but targeting genetic changes to cancer cells has been a major challenge.

"This is the first time a solution has been proposed, so it's exciting news."

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2009/03/10 16:52:02 GMT

BBC NEWS Health Nano-treatment to torpedo cancer

This will take you to the NETS page with information and other links. Such as the Australian office of Nanotechnology and Biotechnology:

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Bye for now, and good thinking.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Infinity 48 by K.E.Perrott. Fiction that's fact in the making.

Welcome to More FACT than FICTION, by K.E.Perrott author of 'Infinity 48'. Here I hope you will find yourself thinking outside the box, questioning everything, and comfortable with that.

On a lighter note today.

While my dog and I were out on our morning constitutional, I found myself wishing I could fast forward to the near future where our bodies metabolism is vastly improved.

I'll explain. Here in Canberra, August mornings are often frosty, cold and if there's a wind; altogether uncomfortable. Fast forwarding to the future; I see our bodies greatly improved. Our metabolism will have been upgraded to accurately maintain a perfect body weight. Our perfect healthy body will be maintained regardless of intake or exercise.

I won't go into a detailed scientific explanation of how that will be possible - you could read 'Infinity 48' to get a better understanding.

Suffices to say, if my body was maintaining a perfect body weight, correct muscle and energy distribution without the need for me to push myself physically; I wouldn't be out exercising in the cold early hours, before the start of my workday.

But as it's only 2009, fitting in my exercise and that of my four legged best pal; early mornings and late evenings in all kinds of weather, is where we're at.

Speaking of that; we're off for our walk.

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Bye for now, and good thinking.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Infinity 48 by K.E.Perrott. Explosive new thinking.Terrorism.

Welcome to More FACT than FICTION by K.E.Perrott author of 'Infinity 48'.

This week we in Australia were reminded again that we are not immune to the scourge of terrorism. But thanks to our Australian Federal Police and other agencies in cooperation, a planned terrorist attack to be carried out on Australian soil, was prevented.

As far as I can tell from media reports the men detained for planning and preparing the terror attack, are young Australian citizens of Somali and Lebanese backgrounds.

It was reported that the terrorists were prepared with enough automatic weapons to sustain a huge fire-fight, orchestrated to kill the maximum number of Australian soldiers until the terrorists themselves would be killed.

The suicide terrorists had chosen army barracks and Aussie soldiers as their target.
Such hatred is hard to fathom.

I wrote about these types of 'home grown terrorists' in my novel 'Infinity 48' and showed how potentially devastating to humanity they could be in a worst case scenario.

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As I keep reminding everyone who reads More-Fact-Than-Fiction or my novel 'Infinity 48' If we were one equal humanity and all on the same page - terrorism wouldn't exist!

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Bye for now, and good thinking.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More FACT than FICTION- Press Release for 'Infinity 48' by K.E.Perrott

Welcome to More FACT than FICTION by K.E.Perrott author of 'Infinity 48'.

Press Release for 'Infinity 48'.
The Press Release for my novel 'Infinity 48' went out across Australia Yesterday. I thought I'd also post it here for you to read.

New Novel Explores a World Where
Innovation and Positivity Reign
Author K.E.Perrott Dares to Show That Anything is Possible

(August,2009) - War. Recession. Hunger. Disease. These are all problems the people of the world face every day. With all of the bad things happening, it's easy to believe that nothing will ever change and that the world is destined to continue on a downward spiral. Not so fast. Author K.E.Perrott calls that negative thought process into question in her new book, Infinity 48.

Infinity 48 follows Professor Fox-Upton's quest to save the world and human species. She is recruited to become the twelfth and final member of a new covert team of scientists, known as SAFARI. This operation, created to better human life and preserve humanity from the threat of terrorists intent on destruction, is part of the secret organization known as INFINITY.

With never-ending funds and some of the greatest minds in the world, INFINITY is responsible for countless scientific and medical discoveries as well as a life-saving anonymous source of intelligence to world security agencies. As the world teeters over the abyss, with terrorism rife and growing in organization and ability, something must be done, before it is too late. And who are the people that can help? INFINITY and the SAFARI team.

"I wrote Infinity 48 because I feel like now is the perfect time for us to question the status quo," Ms Perrott said. "Infinity 48" is based on well-researched facts and embellished to reflect real possibilities for the reader. I hope it helps us to open our minds and perhaps rethink things we've previously taken as a given. The story goes to the heart of many of the problems that trouble and concern us all in our lives today."

To learn more, or to purchase a copy of Infinity 48, visit the website at

About the Author

K.E.Perrott is a self-described private person who divides her time between her passions in life: her family, dog, friends, meeting interesting people and writing. To learn more about K.E.Perrott and Infinity 48, visit her website at


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Bye for now, and good thinking.

Monday, August 3, 2009

More FACT Than FICTION - NO ILLNESS! NO AGEING! NO BILLS! And we wouldn't have to die to live in this Utopia.

Welcome to More Fact than Fiction! Here I hope you will find yourself thinking outside the box, questioning everything, and comfortable with that.

Let's get right to the topic of discussion. Today at the beginning of the 21st Century we humans are still making all the same mistakes as our ancestors. You'd think we'd have learnt by now - how to create and sustain a better world for ALL people.

Obviously what we've done since the beginning of civilization hasn't been a great success. Unless our goal was to procreate and fill up the planet; sure we're well on the way. If we wanted those billions of people, in the main, to live a hard life, full of pain, both physical and emotional; suffer disease and poverty; sure we've managed that! But I hardly think that's satisfactory - we need to totally rethink everything.

Here's a question for you:

Would you give up your religion, racism and politics to have a perfect world? Where one equal humanity presides. Where that equal humanity would see us evolve to enjoy a body that would stop the ageing process at age 20, and maintain that forever. Where we'd become smarter by the nano-second. Where we would never get sick or feel physical pain.

Not enough?

What if that one equal humanity was freed from physical work and needed only to think and play - liberated by a nano-technologically and quantum computerized robotic work-force, not requiring human labour to produce our day-to-day needs - leaving us to do science, to explore our universe and to live and love. And most importantly where harming or murdering a fellow human would not even cross the mind of a human.

That is the world I dream of. In my minds-eye I've pictured that beautiful world, where there is no war, no starvation, and no crime. Where we all get along and work together to progress our species. It's that which moved me to write my first novel - 'Infinity 48' - it holds all the secretes and new thinking that could give us such a world.

Utopia can be defined as; a dreamland, bliss, or a paradise; to mention a few. I found to my disappointment, that people scoff at the possibility of a Utopia for humans. That's SAD!

It's time to lift our expectations, visualise the possibilities and put a progressive plan into action. It will be up to us to make a start! Politicians only think along party lines - a year or two ahead of their next election. Countries, Religions, and Races only think about what's best for their group first; as has been the way of our ancestors and primitives before them - and that is the problem. If we humans were to think about humans as one single united group - as the only grouping that matters; we will have a chance at Utopia.

For me 'a human is a human is a human' That's it! I absolutely believe that if we are to progress and evolve into the remarkable humans I know we can be, the first steps are for us all to be on the same page. If we all believe in each other, and as ONE, we'll need nothing else.

Some of the solutions and some of the medical and scientific breakthroughs I envisage and write about in 'Infinity 48' happening, seem only possible way in the future and no help to us today. I say that what we discover and how soon we discover it will depend largely on how soon we all come together as humans first and only.

Consider if you will, that perfect world in your minds-eye and work back from there - it's not nearly as scary or seemingly impossible that way. You might also be surprised at how many solutions you'll come up with. Let me know.

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I look forward to reading your comments.
Bye for now, and good thinking.