Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More FACT than FICTION - One Small Step!

Welcome to More FACT than FICTION, by K.E.Perrott author of 'Infinity 48'

The 40th anniversary celebration of man's first landing and walking on the moon this 21st July 2009 was both a joy to recall for the wondrous possibilities and a disappointment - because in that 40 years we haven't gone back to the moon nor have we gone further.

The future for humanity; as I make perfectly clear in my novel 'Infinity 48', is as universal explorers, not as an earth-bound species - for we will surely perish.

There are not many things that bring tears to my eyes. The moon landing is one that does. There is nothing I can do to stop the salty fluid from streaming down my face when I first think about man walking on the moon. It's the hope about a better future for humanity that sparks my memories and starts the flood of joy. It's not long though before that initial feeling of joyous possibility is snatched by today's disappointment, and my tears are turned.

That aside, I enjoyed as I'm sure you did, the anniversary programmes - watching the moon landing over and over. The interviews with some of the astronauts from the moon walks and with many other astronauts, including some of those in active service today.

It was exciting and informative listening to some of the astronauts who fly to and from the space station today. The work they do while they are on the space station and the experiments and research carried out by those who live on the space station is invaluable. It surprises me when some voters and tax payers voice their objection to money being spent on space exploration. How selfish and uninformed these people are. Selfish because they aren't thinking about their children, children's children and on into the future - they're thinking only about themselves and their immediate needs. And uninformed, because the stats show a minute amount of most countries budgets are directed to space exploration.

What has been spent, especially that for the space station has more than returned itself. The medical, scientific and technological advancements achieved, because of investment $dollars in space exploration - like the space station, shuttle programme, Hubble, and all the other fact finding craft, satellites and the list could go on... have more than paid their own way - but much more is needed and unless we put something in we can't get anything back!

Society today in the main, it seems to me, is bogged down in everything unimportant and obsessed with it. If they aren't celebrity worshipping, then they are following some callous so called reality programme. I don't get it! Why watch other people being abused, and waiting for people to fall on their faces and make fools of themselves, or worse... It's awful!

If we put the same money and energy into... The world's astronauts, scientists, researches, and thinkers, and the young new thinkers in our classrooms today, to the men and woman who are knee deep in projects as we speak, it's these people we should be supporting and following and twittering about. These people need and deserve our help and accolades, lets cheer THEM on.

Bye for now, and good thinking.

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