Thursday, August 6, 2009

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This week we in Australia were reminded again that we are not immune to the scourge of terrorism. But thanks to our Australian Federal Police and other agencies in cooperation, a planned terrorist attack to be carried out on Australian soil, was prevented.

As far as I can tell from media reports the men detained for planning and preparing the terror attack, are young Australian citizens of Somali and Lebanese backgrounds.

It was reported that the terrorists were prepared with enough automatic weapons to sustain a huge fire-fight, orchestrated to kill the maximum number of Australian soldiers until the terrorists themselves would be killed.

The suicide terrorists had chosen army barracks and Aussie soldiers as their target.
Such hatred is hard to fathom.

I wrote about these types of 'home grown terrorists' in my novel 'Infinity 48' and showed how potentially devastating to humanity they could be in a worst case scenario.

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As I keep reminding everyone who reads More-Fact-Than-Fiction or my novel 'Infinity 48' If we were one equal humanity and all on the same page - terrorism wouldn't exist!

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