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'Infinity 48' by K.E.Perrott. Fiction that's fact in the making!

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Press release for 'Infinity 48'.
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New Novel Explores a World Where Innovation and Positivity Reign

Author K.E. Perrott Dares to Show That Anything is Possible

(2009) – War. Recession. Hunger. Disease. These are all problems the people of the world face every day. With all of the bad things happening, it’s easy to believe that nothing will ever change and that the world is destined to continue on a downward spiral. Not so fast. Author K.E. Perrott calls that negative thought process into question in her new book, Infinity 48.

Infinity 48 follows Professor Fox-Upton’s quest to save the world and human species. She is recruited to become the twelfth and final member of a new covert team of scientists, known as SAFARI. This operation, created to better human life and preserve humanity from the threat of terrorists intent on destruction, is part of the secret organization known as INFINITY.

With never-ending funds and some of the greatest minds in the world, INFINITY is responsible for countless scientific and medical discoveries as well as a life-saving anonymous source of intelligence to world security agencies. As the world teeters over the abyss, with terrorism rife and growing in organization and ability, something must be done, before it is too late. And who are the people that can help? INFINITY and the SAFARI team.

“I wrote Infinity 48 because I feel like now is the perfect time for us to question the status quo,” Perrott said. “Infinity 48 is based on well-researched facts and embellished to reflect real possibilities for the reader. I hope it helps us to open our minds and perhaps rethink things we’ve previously taken as a given. The story goes to the heart of many of the problems that trouble and concern us all in our lives today.”

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About the Author

K.E. Perrott is a self-described private person who divides her time between her passions in life: her family, dog, friends, studying, meeting interesting people and writing. To learn more about K.E. Perrott and Infinity 48, visit her website at


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