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More FACT than FICTION - Global Warming.

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Global Warming - Fact or Fiction?
It's a hot topic at the moment in Australian Politics. I had a spirited conversation this morning about the carbon market. I'm interested to know what you think about climate change and the carbon tax.

I take the big picture view of us and our planet; which means taking all the scientific data we've collected looking back over billions of years, today and recent times, and billions of years into the future. As to climate change the evidence tells me that what we are experiencing presently is cyclical natural phenomena. But it matters not what any of us think when we look at the big picture. Our planet will go through major climate changes, it always has and it always will, but it doesn't happen over night. It happens over large periods of time. We're smart, we'll adapt and learn as we go. What we learn will prepare us for the future when we leave our planet and venture out into our universe.

Earth will undoubtedly go through ice ages and sweltering extremes in the future, but failing the earth being knocked of it's axis or obliterated by a comet, the worst that our planet can throw at us will be nothing compared to what's in store for us in our universe; and make no mistake we will have to leave our planet eventually. Luckily for us we do have a bit of time to get our act together, a billion years or so. According to our best science our sun will implode in a billion years or more and take out the earth and our solar system.

I think universe, not just planet earth when I'm considering the future. I understand that we also need to think immediate, but we can do two things at once. It's actually more efficient and practical to do so. It's a pity at the present world governments don't!

Today's global warming theory assumes man is the culprit. The same thinking then applies a global carbon emissions trading scheme will solve the problem. It solves some people's problem, it makes them very wealthy but it does nothing about emissions. They're still emitted.

It seems to me to be a fabulous magic trick. First out of thin air convince enough people that global warming is man made and an imminent danger! then guilt us into paying for emissions. It's lucrative for some but an expensive exercise in futility for most. We'd be better putting money directly into new energy technologies.

Truth be known, I'm less concerned about how we motivate business and individuals into new energy technology, as I am about getting us there. Perhaps scaring people with climate change is one way, and so long as the money from any mechanism of that scheme went into research and development of new powerful, renewable energies: the end would justify the means.

That brings me to the upcoming meeting in December in Copenhagen, where parties to the Kyoto Protocol will discuss amendments to the Climate Change Scheme. Let's use that opportunity to make a major reform in how we work together, even if it's for only this one thing - New Energy Technology.

By that I mean let's have every country in the world represented, and working together as one, for the betterment of all humans equally - energy wise at least.

Bring the worlds best scientists, technology people and thinkers together, and give them everything they'll need to bring us out of the energy dark ages!

A 'Global New Energies Technologies Programme' (GNETP) with a long term brief of at least 100 - 500 years could replace the Carbon Emissions Trading mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol it could also amalgamate the Clean Development mechanism of the Protocol.

If every cent raised from a reworked carbon tax went to the GNETP, I for one wouldn't mind paying the extra costs that we all incur now under the existing scheme and likely will be even more in the future; if it was going to real progress. Progress for me means saving human lives, and making lives healthier, safer and happy - and new safe renewable inexpensive energy would do that.

The future I write about in 'Infinity 48' could be closer than you think, if we humans could just get on the same page.
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