Monday, September 21, 2009

WELCOME to More FACT than FICTION by K.E.Perrott author of 'INFINITY 48'

Here I hope you will find yourself thinking outside the square, questioning everything, and comfortable with that.

Today's hard working self employed person, business person or the equally hard working employee are constantly saying how difficult it is to justify the daily struggle.

I'm more often than not hearing people say that - the harder they work the less money they're making and the less time they have to relax and enjoy what they're working so hard for.

The self employed builder I spoke to today, told me that he'd recently had a health scare. He was told he had a suspected fatal disease. As it happened he was cleared of that disease. He said to me, he was disappointed. When he thought he might die he was happy for the relief from the daily struggle it would bring. - He said at least it would have been all over. I felt so sad for him and for the millions of us that feel that way from time to time, especially when you put in the time and the effort, and do all the right things...

For those who say - life wasn't meant to be easy - need to consider the source of such rot!
Because I believe life could and should be so much better for every person on the planet.

It's time to change our thinking! We need to reject the old attitudes from superstition and religious doctrine that tell us this life is unimportant, that the next life in heaven or hell - at the fancy of a god or gods - is more important.

Some religious text states that there will always be the poor and the sick and that life will be a struggle. I find that appalling.

Those ancient writings are a reflection of their time. That is not our time, we have greater intelligence, science, advanced medicine and technology. We must stop working to outdated ideas and move on.

To Quote Professor Elizabeth Fox-Upton from the pages of 'Infinity 48'
'Obviously humans find it easier to blame someone else, rather than take responsibility themselves. It is time for the human race to shed it's insecurities and grow up. We need to relinquish the familiar comfort of the notion of a greater being that we can blame for everything. There is so much to do.'

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Bye for now, and good thinking.