Sunday, September 27, 2009

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I came across another great article, and had to share it with you.

Water find could see humans living on moon

12:00 AEST Thu Sep 24 2009
The discovery of large quantities of water under the lunar surface has led to speculation that human habitation on the moon could be possible within decades.

An unmanned craft from the Indian space agency called Chandrayaan-1 has found evidence of large quantities of water spread among the soil on the moon's surface, a discovery which has changed the face of lunar exploration, according to NASA.

Proponents of space travel believe the presence of water on the surface could mean a permanent base on the moon could become practical, with the water molecules able to be converted into oxygen for breathing and hydrogen for fuel.

Project director at the Indian Space Research Association Mylswamy Annadurai said finding water was one of the mission's objectives.

"It’s very satisfying," he told The Times.

"This was one of the main objectives of Chandrayaan-1, to find evidence of water on the Moon."

The discovery is a coup for India, who have been locked in a space race with China for the last few years.

But astronomer at the University of NSW Michael Burton said the amount of water on the moon is tiny compared to water on Earth.

"It wasn't expected they would find water in the soil, but they've found tiny amounts of water vapour in the soil. But it's far less than anything you'd see on even the driest places on Earth," Professor Burton said.

"They reckon they could get about a litre of water for several tonnes of dirt, but it does seem to be widespread, it does seem that they are finding it from all latitudes."

A better hope for a moon base would be ice that is believed to be buried deep below the surface, according to Professor Burton.

Water had been found in samples of dirt brought back from the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, but they had been ignored by scientists who assumed the molecules were from the humid air in Houston, where they had been analysed.

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