Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Fact Than Fiction

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Monday, January 24, 2011

WELCOME to More FACT than FICTION by K.E.Perrott author of 'INFINITY 48'

Australia has suffered terribly over recent months - traumatized by flooding on a massive scale. Flood water inundating homes, businesses and farmlands across many states left in its wake - devastation and heartbreak.
The property lost and the lives turned upside-down, can, will and have already begun to repair and heal - but from the loss of human life we never truly recover. I am so sorry for the families and friends of all the precious people lost!
Once again the kindness and empathy 99.9% of us have for one-another - that which I'm always talking about and write about in my novel "Infinity 48' - proudly, unceremoniously, automatically and immediately shared the burden of those most affected by the overwhelming floods. The nations people moved to support each other on every level.
Family, friends and strangers alike, offered a dry place to sleep, open arms and warm hugs... to those in need.
Volunteers massed in the tens of thousands wherever they were needed; to clean the homes, buildings and streets of the mud and rubbish dumped by ragging water.
People also donated their money, and further people and businesses donated their time, product and expertise.
Humans are Terrific! I adore them - they rarely let me down.
I've recently spent some time living in Newcastle, NSW, doing some research. That research, among other things showed that people are doing it tough! and businesses of all types whether large or small, are doing it tough!
People are not spending like they could. They are worried about their personal debt, interest rates, cost of living and their quality of life.
I have travelled around NSW, QLD and ACT and talked to so many people since the Global Financial Crisis, and it's the same everywhere - these are difficult, worrying times and people are suffering.
Now add to that - regardless of whether one lives and works in the areas hit by flooding or not - the economic consequences of the floods will effect us all eventually, by rising costs of just about everything; including food, transport, building materials...
Humans deserve better!
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