Saturday, July 18, 2009

More FACT than FICTION - Brain Chip

Welcome to More FACT than FICTION, by K.E.Perrott author of 'Infinity 48'.

As always, this past week was full of exceptional news about progress in research and development on a number of fronts in science and technology. (Thank the universe for our scientists, thinkers and researchers.)

Two reports in particular I'd like to mention, for all you time-poor hard working people; to help you keep up to date.

Pittsburgh University and Brown University are both working with similar devices; a brain chip which interprets thought. In the case of the experiment at Pittsburgh University in the U.S. it enabled a monkey to move a robotic arm by thought. The hopes are that one day, soon, this device will help to move arms, legs, hands and the fingers of stroke patients, spinal chord injured, or nervous system diseased patients and have them up and walking around, grasping objects precisely and thus functioning normally.

Brown University in New England, are testing a similar device that allows a patient to move a cursor by thinking about moving their paralysed hand. Brilliant!

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The other cool happening last week was the space shuttle Endeavour blasting off safely, ferrying seven astronauts to the space station. They'll be away for sixteen days and while they are 220 miles above the earth they will deliver and help install an external experiments platform, the last piece of Japan's research laboratory.

This Sky news report reminded us that the space station was a multi nation project of some sixteen nations and over many years.

As we know, this week is the 40th anniversary of man landing and walking on the moon. Thinking about that massive success and the success of the space station together, shows us, proves to us that we humans are capable of great achievements when we work together. It's what I write about, it's what I believe is the only way forward for humans - to work together as one humanity or we'll go extinct just like the dinosaurs.

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