Saturday, July 25, 2009

More FACT than FICTION - No Pain!

Welcome to More FACT than FICTION, by K.E.Perrott author of 'Infinity48'.

I am a humanist and a dog lover. My best friend is a dog. So when I saw this story, which is good news for both humans and dogs, it made me happy, I hope it will give you something to smile about as well.

Once again Australians are proving their worth as medical and scientific world leaders. Using stem cell treatment a vet cured arthritis in a dog - an elderly three legged dog no less. Equal success to the delight of an Australian man was achieved using a similar stem cell procedure on his knee - how cool is that.

I saw this good news story on channel ten news Australia. It gives hope to the millions who experience the pain and debilitation of arthritis. One can imagine how many other debilitating and painful conditions stem cell treatments will eliminate - and soon.

Please see the ten news video link posted below on the 24 July 2009.

In my novel 'Infinity 48' I wrote about the future humans could expect, and PAIN FREE is a major part of that excellent future LIFE!
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