Wednesday, September 30, 2009

K.E.Perrott author of 'INFINITY 48' Welcomes you to More FACT than FICTION.

WELCOME. Here I hope you enjoy the articles, I hope you are moved to think outside the square, question everything and enjoy that process.


'INFINITY 48' - ISBN: 978 192 1300 882

INFINITY 48’ is my first published novel – A Shakespeare, Hemingway or H.G.Wells I’m not yet! I’m the first to admit my ‘Newbe Naive Style’ shows its self at regular intervals as you read ‘INFINITY 48’ – but despite that or perhaps even refreshingly because of that, I’m sure you’ll find it an interesting, exciting and thought-provoking read, one worthy of your time and money.

I wrote ‘INFINITY 48’ after observing over the years, the resigned sadness and overwhelming pessimism by the majority of people which surmised that humanity would always be plagued with violence and corruption, death, disease and unfair political systems. And further insisting that they could only see a large number of the earth’s population would always succumb to devastating, disgusting, and dire conditions. Certainly, as the story scenario of ‘INFINITY 48’ demonstrates, there are major hurdles for humanity to overcome. But are they insurmountable?

It is almost impossible to find positive hopeful theories about future humans... books, movies and discussions all see future humans in gruff difficult circumstances as we go forward. Not only do they see us still fighting and killing each other but taking that aggression out into our universe. They see advancements in technology as we go forward and as it takes us out into space but they don’t see humans changing as we move forward or acting any different. It seems people can’t imagine us growing out of our barbaric prehistoric skins; but I can.

‘INFINITY 48’ is listed in a number of categories; Adventure, Sci-Fi, Philosophy and General literature. I describe it as an adventure unlike any other. It’s about ideas, possibilities and the consequences of those. I hope it moves people to think outside the square. It explores all the old questions about humanity, its being, about its direction and addresses a myriad of new questions. It illuminates the huge potential and great possibilities for the future and for a humane humanity; freed from murder, illness and labour. In contrast it reveals the darkness – the enemy of our species and the battle we must win or go extinct!

I hope you enjoy reading ‘INFINITY 48’. I’d appreciate any morale support you could give me. If that is by becoming a Fan on Facebook, following me on Twitter, subscribing to or following my blog, that would be cool. If your support is by purchasing a copy of my novel or by recommending it to everybody - that would be very much appreciated also.

Thank you. KEP. Have a great day, bye for now, and good thinking!

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