Monday, August 31, 2009

'Infinity 48' by K.E.Perrott. Explosive new thinking!

Welcome to More FACT than FICTION by K.E.Perrott author of 'Infinity 48'. Here I hope you will find yourself thinking outside the box, and be exhilarated and comfortable with that.
The topic of discussion I pursued with the variety of great people I spoke to today, was about the necessity of changing our social system completely.
By that I mean from the bottom up. Dramatic change - starting with the family as we know it.
My research, observations and my own life experiences have led me to believe that because we humans remain stuck in an ancient social structure; unless we change and restructure soon, we will go extinct. That would be a terrible waste in my opinion - we have such great potential.
We came down from the trees, sure enough. We became more organised as our brains became larger and our intelligence grew. But unfortunately we persist in socialising like animals. Our ancestors never got past thinking in terms of predators and prey and operating in packs.
We are more sophisticated than our ancestors yes, but in terms of social behaviour we are still basically no different to the first Homo sapiens.
We have tried so hard to create a better world, but what we've done since the beginning of cognitive, creative human interaction by staying with the animal hierarchical family pack model, is run on the spot - we're getting nowhere fast.
Fortunately, our intelligence has given us technology, medicine and science, but that can't save us from ourselves if we insist on continuing as our ancestors did and keep the pack or as we call it - family, at the core of our social system.
We have gotten ourselves into a big mess because of our belief that family as we practice it is the only social structure possible. 'Do gooders' over thousands of years have tried everything to make that family system work; from introducing laws and inventing new rituals and religions too different political structures, but to no avail. People are still divided and killing each other. There is something very wrong with that!
There is only one way we will survive as a species and not only to survive but to actually enjoy life and enjoy being a human and truly advance, and that is to stop what we have been doing and totally restructure. That means; no families as we know them, no religions, no races, no countries, no hierarchy...
Think about that for a moment.
Now that calm and peace you feel is real. Imagine if the 6.5 billion other people on our planet, all understood that and felt that peace; if we were all on the same page - what a brains trust that would be! What we could do as one, we haven't even imagined yet.

If you'd like to offer your thoughts, please do. Or if you have a question, please ask it.

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